Welcome to Lumphanan pet Hotel

At our secluded and exclusive premises your dog can be assured of exceptional individual care and attention. With lots of very happy clients who return time after time, our aim is to provide a happy and stress free environment, with diet and attention to suit so you can leave your much loved pet with complete peace of mind.



Our dog suites have light bedrooms with full-height, solid-built walls (not panels) with glass doors and attached exercise rooms.

This creates a quiet, calm, balanced environment that is secure and full of natural light.


At Lumphanan Pet Hotel our aim is to recreate a comfortable home environment to help your dog settle quickly and enjoy their surroundings.

We walk each dog, or 'family' of dogs, individually twice a day for 20 - 40 minutes, depending on the needs of your dog, in the surrounding countryside.

Plus each dog, or family of dogs, has 20 minutes of "human" time between walks where they are again out of the kennel and participating in a selection of activities suited to your dog, such as cuddles, grooming or ball time in the exercise area.



We are able to collect and deliver dogs, at mutually convenient times, to take some of the strain off you and your dogs when you are preparing to go away, or when you return.

Your dog is safely secured in our car which is equipped with comfortable carrying pens.






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